Baby Lawn Literature Annual Issue I 2016


Excerpt from “Editor’s Note” featured in this issue

This time around, we had a lack of submissions. It was difficult finding submissions that would give a balance of talent AND representation. We wanted quality, but we also wanted “harmony” and include works that spoke to each other. We sacrificed quantity for these reasons, so this issue is unfortunately small.  What we lack in quantity we have compensated in the work featured and it is our hope that the new style will draw in more readers and submitters.

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Baby Lawn Literature Issue 2! Being the October issue, it’s filled with spooky pictures, all part of the public domain. More importantly, there is poetry by John Grey, Donal Mahoney, and Peter A. Wolf. Prose: P.D. Mallamo.

We at BLL want to express our unutterable gratitude to this month’s contributors.

You may notice this issue is a different format. We call it an improvement. Yes, we have bit of money now, so we went out and got Publisher.

Ain’t it pwetty now?

New and improved. We just keep getting better, but remember the Tenth of December.

Our plan is, law permitting, to photoshop George Saunders onto the faces of vintage holiday cards. How can you not submit?

You can read and download the latest issue here.