This was accidentally put on Ashley Bach’s personal blog earlier this week…

Hello, all!

The “About’ page has been updated

  • BLW will now come out on Fridays
  • BLW will now include literature reviews.

In fact, that is what will come out tomorrow. It is the opinion of us two editors that since everyone is a critic, this opens up the submission pool to the world!

Have a good day!


A Note From the Editors

As you should all be well aware of by now, the first full issue of BLL comes out a week after tomorrow!

Remember that submissions are open until next Tuesday. Send us your prose, art, and poetry!

It’s been decided, since there will be a full issue coming out the week of the 14th, there will not be a Baby Lawn Weekly that week. This is a two-many operation, we’re just trying to make things the tiniest bit easier on ourselves. Sorry.

Anyway, there will still be a BLW for the 7th. Send us short fiction and poetry!

Have a good week, everybody!

-The Editors


BLW No. 3 comes out Monday.

Featured writers have already been notified.


Here’s a work of haunting Johnlock fanart, called “Submissive”                                                                                                                                 Sorry if this offends anyone who doesn’t like fanart, the submit joke, or BBC’s Sherlock.


The first installment of Baby Lawn Weekly is coming out on Monday. Four poems have already been picked. The poets will be informed tonight.

Also, a slight change is being done to the Submission Guidelines. Please, when you submit, indicate whether or not it is for the weekly or the full issue. Originally it was planned that from poetry submissions, some would be picked for the Weekly based off of length and subject matter, more serious and longer poems would be put in the full issue. But it is worried this may become an issue–no pun intended. That’s a lie. I love puns. Puns are always intended.

As of right now, poets will be told if any of their poems are going out. Poems picked for the weekly edition will be told in advance, but for the full issues, they will be told at the beginning of the month, since the full issue will come out on the 10th of every month.

Someone recently asked about reprints: If the rights have reverted back to the writer, meaning the initial place of publication no longer has first publication rights, then it is perfectly fine for you to submit reprints. 

The primary objective here is to not get sued. While new editor Rakim Slaughter and I want to keep this place fresh, if the reprint in question is well-written and not infringing on copyrights, we are happy to reprint.

Once again

  • Baby Lawn Weekly comes out Monday
    • We will take submissions for this week as late as midnight tonight
  • Baby Lawn Literature Issue 1 comes out September 10th, and we will take submissions as late as September 8th.
  • Indicate in your submission email if your content is intended for BBW or BBL.

Thank you.

-Ashley Bach, Editor