This was accidentally put on Ashley Bach’s personal blog earlier this week…

Hello, all!

The “About’ page has been updated

  • BLW will now come out on Fridays
  • BLW will now include literature reviews.

In fact, that is what will come out tomorrow. It is the opinion of us two editors that since everyone is a critic, this opens up the submission pool to the world!

Have a good day!



We need some submissions for Monday’s weekly. Submissions will be accepted until Sunday at Midnight, and it is planned to have a longer version of the weekly, since it’s Labor Day. So, instead of two featured writers, there will be three!

So submit at

A Note From the Editors

As you should all be well aware of by now, the first full issue of BLL comes out a week after tomorrow!

Remember that submissions are open until next Tuesday. Send us your prose, art, and poetry!

It’s been decided, since there will be a full issue coming out the week of the 14th, there will not be a Baby Lawn Weekly that week. This is a two-many operation, we’re just trying to make things the tiniest bit easier on ourselves. Sorry.

Anyway, there will still be a BLW for the 7th. Send us short fiction and poetry!

Have a good week, everybody!

-The Editors